The General Delegation of the PLO to the United States joins Palestinians all over the world in commemorating the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre that occurred on this day, twenty-three years ago (February 25, 1994). The massacre took place when an American-born Israeli military physician brutally murdered 29 worshippers and injured over 150 more as they prayed in Hebron on an early Ramadan morning.

Rather than generating positive change, the massacre led to restriction of movement for Palestinians living in Hebron, as well as the closure of Palestinian shops and the creation of zones of the city exclusively for Israeli settlers. More than 20 years later, tragic acts of violence against the Palestinian people persist, with an alarming amount of settler attacks that go relatively unpunished by the Israeli military.

On this somber occasion, the General Delegation calls upon the international community and international bodies to hold Israel responsible, as well as accountable, for its ongoing violations of humanitarian rights and international law. Attacks on the Palestinian people, such as the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, must not be disregarded or forgotten by the world. The Palestinian people, with the support of the General Delegation, continue in their steadfastness and determination to pursue justice through all diplomatic and nonviolent means.

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