The General Delegation of the PLO to the United States strongly condemns the Israeli government’s collusion with the settlement movement, Amana, as well as the Knesset’s first reading of the “Muezzin Bill”.

  • The settlement movement, Amana, which operates on an ideological objective to illegally annex and settle the Palestinian Occupied Territory with settlers has obtained loans from the Israeli government to expand its illegal settlement enterprise on privately owned Palestinian property. This is a clear indication of the settlement agenda maintained by the current far-right Israeli government that is aimed at undermining any attempt to revive the peace process and completely destroying the two-state solution.
  • The Israeli Knesset’s first reading of the “Muezzin Bill” prohibits mosques from calling to prayer. This is further testimony of the discriminatory practices that the Israeli government imposes on other religions and exposes their claims of providing religious freedom to non-Jews.

We call on the international community including the United States to stop Israel’s illegal settlement activities and confiscation of Palestinian land. We also call on the Israeli government to abide by international law and conventions which guarantee freedom of religion for all.

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