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Please note that the Delegation does not certify General Powers of Attorney granting the right to sell land or property on behalf of any individual. General and Special powers of attorney must include a clause stating “this document does not grant my attorney in fact the right to sell or otherwise dispose of land or real estate.
To request a General Power of Attorney, follow the steps below.

  • Send $100 dollar money order payable to (CASH);
  • Send a photo-copy of your passport;
  • Send a return envelope with stamps and your telephone number.

Download the General Power of Attorney Form.

The General Delegation of the PLO to the US cannot renew passports. All passport renewal requests must be sent to Palestine along with a Special Power of Attorney for an individual to renew your passport on your behalf at the Interior Ministry. To request passport renewal you must use a Special Power of Attorney Form following the steps below:

  • Documents must be signed in front of a Public Notary;
  • Include FOUR blue background passport photos;
  • Send money order of $50 payable to (CASH);
  • Include a self-addressed return envelope;
  • Include your most up-to-date contact information.

If you are an adult, please use this Special Power of Attorney form. If you are an adult requesting a passport renewal on behalf of a minor, please use this Special Power of Attorney Form.

Transfer or sale of land and real-estate can be done by Durable powers of attorney only. All signatories must be present at the Delegation office in Washington D.C. to sign Durable powers of attorney,OR process your paper work at one of our designated notary offices. If coming to the Washington D.C. Delegation office, please call to make an appointment.

Please note that we will certify Durable powers of attorney only after verifying ownership of the property mentioned in the POA. Proofs of property ownership must be presented in clear and legible manner. The documents to prove ownership of property are:

  • Land deed (from Land Registration Department) or ownership document (from The Ministry of Finance) showing that signatory in fact owns shares in the property;
  • Land deed or ownership document and Inheritance statement showing that signatory inherited shares in the property.

Download the Durable Power of Attorney Form.

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