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The Government Affairs Department is responsible for strengthening the relationship between the PLO and the US Government’s Executive branch. The department seeks to maintain a constructive dialogue with members of the Executive branch, and tracks policy changes and the resultant impact on Palestinian-American relations. Contact us.

The Congressional Affairs Department is in charge of reaching out to and building relations with both the House and Senate, as well as relevant constituents. In its efforts, the Congressional Affairs Department tracks relevant legislation, and communicates the Palestinian message to members of the House, the Senate, and interested American constituents. Contact us.

The Media Affairs Department is in charge of media-related platforms. The department arranges for the Ambassador’s interviews and press briefings, and drafts Op-Eds, press releases and statements, as well as the Delegation’s monthly reports to be approved for publishing. Additionally, the Media Affairs Department reaches out to media outlets, communications units and departments at relevant institutions, and maintains a professional relationship with major print, radio, and TV agencies. Finally, the department is responsible for maintaining the Delegation’s social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and the Delegation’s website. Contact us.

The Public Affairs Department provides support and resources to the Ambassador regarding NGOs, think-tanks, policy institutions, as well as colleges and universities. As a result, the department frequently works closely to monitor relevant events, and ensures that the Palestinian message is represented at such platforms. Contact us.

The Community Relations and Outreach Department designs and implements outreach projects directed at the Palestinian-American community. Its primary objective is to build relationships with community leaders through an ongoing dialogue concerning matters of interest to the community and the Delegation. The Department also encourages joint activities with the Palestinian-American community and advocates a closer relationship and cooperation between the community and the Delegation. Contact us.

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